La Cucina di Natalina Italian Cooking School specializes in classic Italian and Southern Italian cuisine.

Our hands-on cooking classes use fresh ingredients, seasonal local produce and cherished family recipes and techniques passed down from generations of nonnas.


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Kitchen Kudos

“Finally somewhere I can learn to cook for my family and not just some fancy meal.
I love that I get to get my hands dirty and not just watch!”


“Natalina! WOW! Your caponata….delicious! I look forward to cooking with you soon!”

Chef Lynn Crawford

“La Cucina di Natalina is Guelph’s best kept secret!”


“What a wonderful feast for the senses.
Thanks so much for showing us the secrets of your great recipes!”


In the Kitchen with Natalina

Family meals; homemade most of the time?

You bet they can be !  As a wife, mother of 4 and small business owner, I can tell you that my family enjoys homemade meals about 90% of the time. I am guessing that the average North American family probably enjoys a lot less homemade meals typically. Sure, cooking... read more

The good, the not so bad and the ugly…canned tomatoes!

  Canned tomatoes are a staple in my kitchen. Contrary to popular belief fresh are not always better. Actually where I live in South Western Ontario in Canada, fresh are only better in the late summer and if we are lucky into fall. We grow many varieties in our... read more

Have you been to Italy?

  Have you been to Italy? Natalina Bombino Campagnolo: originally posted on January-06-14, updated March 1, 2016   This question is one that often comes up in my Italian Cooking school in Canada. Although most of my students have been to Italy it always... read more

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