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Published author, has a nice ring to it..Part 1

I just signed the contract with the printer for my first cookbook. That means that as I write this, a printer is inputting the content I have worked on for the last 6 years and printing it into a tangible object. A book. With my name on it. With the photos I took....

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Summer is in full swing….and berries are in season!

I love Summer! Beautiful weather, more family time and the beautiful local fruits and vegetables are in full swing! I love to make my old stand by recipes but every once in a while I am introduced to a new ingredient that challenges me. This weekend my husband, the...

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A presto Italia…..see you soon Italy!

16 of us recently experienced the first of 3 of our International Food & Wine Tours for the year 2017...all of which are SOLD OUT! The Region of Puglia played Host to me and my foodie friends for 12 days. It was a perfect mix of food, wine, history, culture,...

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Baker’s Yeast – the types and where to use them

In our bread and pizza classes, as like most of our classes, we talk a lot about ingredients. Knowing about various ingredients and how they are used, can make the world of difference in your cooking and baking results. Baker's Yeast is no different, although, it...

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Summer is finally here….along with the first asparagus!

  It is June 26th and we are 5 days into Summer of 2017. I love summer and all the beautiful, seasonal vegetables that come with it! In my part of the country, when we start seeing local asparagus popping up in the grocery stores, that is a sure sign of Summer! I...

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Peperoncini and chili infused olive oil……

My family's ancestral region of Calabria is famous for the peperoncini or chili peppers! My childhood home had a large vegetable garden and my parents grew a few varieties of peppers. Once harvested my mother would dry the chili peppers on cookie sheets in the...

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Quality ingredients, choosing the best! DOP & IGP

To be a good cook means to be able to identify and choose good quality ingredients. I spend a lot of time in my classes helping students identify good quality ingredients. When it comes to fresh protein and produce; seasonal, local and fresh are best. But what about...

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Skipping school and getting a lesson in “Real Food”!

originally Posted on October-08-12 It is Thanksgiving weekend and my husband, aka "The Gardener", has just picked the last of the eggplant. It has to be my all-time favorite vegetable. It is no wonder, as my Southern Italian heritage has a beautiful relationship with...

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