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Quality ingredients, choosing the best! DOP & IGP

To be a good cook means to be able to identify and choose good quality ingredients. I spend a lot of time in my classes helping students identify good quality ingredients. When it comes to fresh protein and produce; seasonal, local and fresh are best. But what about...

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Skipping school and getting a lesson in “Real Food”!

originally Posted on October-08-12 It is Thanksgiving weekend and my husband, aka "The Gardener", has just picked the last of the eggplant. It has to be my all-time favorite vegetable. It is no wonder, as my Southern Italian heritage has a beautiful relationship with...

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Gone to Puglia with 15 foodie friends……

Buon Giorno from Puglia, Italy! As you read this we are on Day #10 of our Taste of Puglia, Food & Wine Tour with Natalina...Today, we are headed to a local winery for a tour and a delicious, homemade, annotated lunch prepared by the staff of the winery. This is...

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Waste not want not…..

Southern Italian cooking wastes nothing! Many dishes, in fact, use ingredients at one time that were discarded or deemed useless. The zucchini blossoms that fall off mature zucchini; why not use them to flavor fritters? Many greens, considered weeds in some cultures,...

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Nonna’s blue bowl…..

It's the day after Mother's Day and I am reflecting on my own mother and the things she has taught me. As I am getting ready to publish my first cookbook,  there are many stories, many of which are related to cooking and food... but this is the one that makes me smile...

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An Italian in Malta…..

11 days until 16 of us are off to the beautiful Italian region of Puglia! I love Italy and consider it my second home. Last year however,  after researching Sicily for our newest tour,  I joined my Tour partners at Maxima Tours/Exclusively Malta on their "Jewels of...

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What’s happening in Natalina’s Kitchen?

I am just winding down my school busiest ever in the history of my school! Classes historically have run from September to May, but this year, I have added a few classes in June as well. My little school has been booked to capacity with all classes SOLD...

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Mozzarella cheese is a staple in the Italian kitchen. There are many varieties produced and each has a place in my kitchen. The classic, low moisture, part-skim mozzarella bar or ball is a great, multi-purpose cheese used in lasagna, parmigiana and pizza. It is...

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