One of my favourite parts of travelling in Italy is making time to visit local markets, neighbourhood food shops, and bakeries! I met up with my travel partner-in-crime Damon Allan of Exclusively Malta Travel & Mediterranean Food Experiences to go behind-the-scenes inside a local bakery in Malta’s Sliema residential neighbourhood.

L-Ahwa’s bakery opened more than 125 years ago, and has been run by Carmelo Micallef since 1968. It uses traditional rather than electric ovens, and has delicious jam tarts. At Christmas, lots of locals bring in their meat to be roasted here, as many homes don’t have ovens. Read more on L’Ahwa’s bakery here.

In the video below, bread seller Elaine shows us some of the special types of Maltese breads and we get to watch the assembly line of bakers creating delicious handmade loaves.

market truck with chile peppers and red onions in calabria italy

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