Natalina’s Kitchen celebrates classic Italian and Southern Italian cuisine.

Learn how to bring homemade food back to your table through our cooking classes, videos and local and international food and wine tours.

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Get the recipes, tips, and stories that launched an Italian cooking school

Bringing Homemade Back includes 50 recipes developed with the traditions, techniques and love of generations of Nonnas

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Natalina's Kitchen 5 Star Rating

Rated 4.8/5 across 63 reviews

  • Awesome immersive experience full of fun people, and plenty of knowledge shared regarding the history of the ingredients and processes of the food you are making that day.

    Kevin Dougan Avatar Kevin Dougan

    Such a lovely day spent with my daughters Amy and Sarah along with my adopted son Julio. Coming from a family where the heart was the kitchen and the food prepared and ate there, this was truly the best Mother's... Read More

    Susan Neath Avatar Susan Neath

    Your cookbook was fun to read and I am anxious to start cooking!

    Alfreida Swainston Avatar Alfreida Swainston
  • If you want to learn to prepare authentic Italian food or you want to travel to Italy for amazing food and wine experiences don't hesitate to book with Natalina. We can't wait for our next trip - A Taste of... Read More

    Liz Harloff Avatar Liz Harloff

    I’ve been to a couple of Natalina’s classes and have absolutely loved them! She really knows what she’s doing, the classes are a tonne of fun, and you make the most delicious food. Whether it’s just for you; with your... Read More

    Tricia Kopec Avatar Tricia Kopec

    I’ve had the pleasure of taking Natalina’s basic Italian, bread making and part of the advanced Italian courses. The courses were informative and fun, I can’t wait to go back for another one! Natalina has so much... Read More

    Dean Elliott Avatar Dean Elliott
  • I would highly recommend the Niagara Winery Tour with Natalina. She is a gifted guide and I was so happy to have met her and to have spent the day with her.

    It’s good value for the money, for the time... Read More

    michele wilson Avatar michele wilson

    Last fall I attended a Winery Tour with Natalina. It was a day I'll not soon forget!

    Diana Simeoni Soucie Avatar Diana Simeoni Soucie

    Natalinas kitchen. Is a cookbook well written wether you've taken her classes or not I found the information and tips most useful .I made the Torta Di Mele -Apple Cake last week and found it easy and tasty. Top of... Read More

    David Sykes Avatar David Sykes
  • Attended the Pizza making course and came away with a new appreciation for making food for my family with quality ingredients. Also learned more about flours and yeasts to produce better tasting food. Thank you Natalina.

    Deborah MacIntyre Avatar Deborah MacIntyre

    I have attended 2 classes at Natalina’s Kitchen both were so much fun, the hands on learning makes using the lessons again much easier and less daunting. Both menus we have put to use many times. I have also purchased... Read More

    Amie King-Tedesco Avatar Amie King-Tedesco

    Attended bread making course and it was fabulous. Learned so much about flours, yeasts and rising techniques. We were served a delicious lunch and went home with sample bread. I have been making bread weekly ever since. Lots of fun... Read More

    Bonnie Draper Avatar Bonnie Draper
  • My D-I-L, Sharon, and I attended your Taste of Calabria cooking class on Mar.10th and had a great time putting together our meal, even making pasta! We are going to try and replicate the meal for our spouses, hoping w... Read More

    Eleanor Harrison Avatar Eleanor Harrison

    Taste of Calabria class was amazing! Great food, good company and learned a lot!

    Patrick Stiles Avatar Patrick Stiles

    Did the pasta and lasagna making class today with my mom and sister in law and we had such a great time and the food was delicious! I will be trying to replicate both recipies at home.

    Kate Fairfull-Drohan Avatar Kate Fairfull-Drohan
  • I have used my cookbook often! I love how easy the recipes are to follow. Everything I have made has been delicious. I can't wait to try something new! ❤️

    Amie Tedesco Avatar Amie Tedesco

    The book gives you tips and suggestions as well as pictures which help you know what the final product should look like. The recipes use ingredients you probably have in your pantry and most are easy to make on a weeknight.

    Sandi Cavallo Avatar Sandi Cavallo

    On February 25, I went on a food and wine tour to Niagara on the Lake with 19 friends of la Cucina di Natalina. We had an amazing time together! The group bonded through social media and we had a... Read More

    Maureen Glassford-Lowden Avatar Maureen Glassford-Lowden

In the Kitchen with Natalina

Italian inspired, Sticky Buns…for Mom!

This Sunday is Mother's Day and mothers will be treated extra special! I can say that nothing pleases me more than when someone does the cooking for me on Mother's Day! When my children were little, I often got "Breakfast in Bed" for Mother's Day. This was always...

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How would you like to cook with an #italianmamma anytime?

We are excited here at Natalina's Kitchen! We have just celebrated our 7th anniversary and therefore we are starting our 8th year teaching Italian Food Culture. Yes, Italian Food Culture, not just Italian home cooking! What is Italian Food Culture? Well, it is...

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Ice Day! What’s cooking in my kitchen?

Although I live in Canada, I am not fond of Winter. Just the thought of boots, coats, and scarves has always evoked a long sigh from me! As an adult, I finally acquired proper Winter gear only when I became a mother at 28 years old and realized that if you dress...

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