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Confidence in the kitchen…

Okay let’s be honest--- what really motivates people to cook? Why eating of course! A love of good, homemade food will naturally get you in the kitchen! So if you want to learn to cook, choose recipes that you absolutely love to practice on!  You will be rewarded with...

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Sarah Hodge takes our online school for a test drive…!

Guest Blogger, Sarah Hodge, Bundtlust "Sarah Hodge is a blogger and food and travel writer. In addition to writing for several publications including Tokyo Weekender and Stars and Stripes Japan, she is also a frequent recipe tester and proofreader for upcoming...

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How to choose ingredients for your dish…

There are so many ingredients on the market these days. Gone are the days when you traveled to a new place, fell in love with the cuisine and when you returned home found the ingredients were not available to recreate the dish! You can find more and more hard to find...

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Cooking along side an Italian Mamma…!

There is a long history of cooking teachers in my family. And I don't mean teachers like I am, teaching in a cooking School! Basically, cooking in Southern Italy was a life skill and if you had a family, you taught them to cook! As Southern Italy was the poorer part...

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Family holiday … family memories, Italian style!

Summertime! The time for relaxing weekends, casual entertaining and more time spent with the ones you love! As we have 4 children, and this is the last year that all of them are still in school, the summertime is always a time to pause! Generally, we take some time...

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Italian inspired, Sticky Buns…for Mom!

This Sunday is Mother's Day and mothers will be treated extra special! I can say that nothing pleases me more than when someone does the cooking for me on Mother's Day! When my children were little, I often got "Breakfast in Bed" for Mother's Day. This was always...

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How would you like to cook with an #italianmamma anytime?

We are excited here at Natalina's Kitchen! We have just celebrated our 7th anniversary and therefore we are starting our 8th year teaching Italian Food Culture. Yes, Italian Food Culture, not just Italian home cooking! What is Italian Food Culture? Well, it is...

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