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How would you like to cook with an #italianmamma anytime?

We are excited here at Natalina's Kitchen! We have just celebrated our 7th anniversary and therefore we are starting our 8th year teaching Italian Food Culture. Yes, Italian Food Culture, not just Italian home cooking! What is Italian Food Culture? Well, it is...

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Ice Day! What’s cooking in my kitchen?

Although I live in Canada, I am not fond of Winter. Just the thought of boots, coats, and scarves has always evoked a long sigh from me! As an adult, I finally acquired proper Winter gear only when I became a mother at 28 years old and realized that if you dress...

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Introducing our newest Toronto retailer!

When I opened my Italian Cooking School in 2011 and I needed to purchase equipment, I looked no further than Toronto’s Little Italy! My family actually lived in Toronto’s Little Italy in the 1960’s when I was born so; just the street names alone evoke warm, childhood...

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We are growing…. to help meet the demand!

As we approach the end of our seventh year teaching Classic Italian Homecooking, our classes are selling out faster than ever! We have just SOLD OUT all classes scheduled until the end of our school year, May 2018. We are humbled by the popularity of our intimate,...

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